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Rédaction Prod is an agency that designs and produces multilingual audio-staged content, specialising in the creation of cultural and tourist audio guides suited to all audiences

  • Audioguides for adults

  • Audioguides for children – for tourists and school trips

  • Sound Design audio & video

  • Sound Design for augmented reality

  • Virtual Games

audioguides culturels et touristiques - commentaires audioscenarises audioguides enfants multilingues
A fun and interactive world orchestrated by people who are passionate about writing and sound

We have been working in the field of the design of cultural and tourist commentaries for over 15 years. 
We were the first to fully stage our audio guide scenarios: 
From writing the commentaries to defining the soundtrack, including the direction of the actors/voice-over artists.

Imagining - Creating - Innovating : To give our customers the best

Over the years, we have grown and developed a trademark savoir-faire, and our philosophy is still the same…


To always seek new ideas to highlight the features of your tour  

• To work with the best writers, translators, actors, artistic directors and sound engineers.

To encourage our teams to be more creative, imaginative, responsive and efficient.


Without ever losing sight of our values :

the quality of our productions and our services.

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