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From the idea to the creation

We accompany you throughout the audio guide design and creation :

A customised study of your tour

We come to your town and area to analyse your tour and time it.

Writing to a scenario - Emotional writing

We have opted for emotional writing so that your commentaries are perfectly suited to your tour: unique, fun, interactive while remaining faithful to the original content.

Commentaries adapted for every audience

Our teams of writers imagine and create original content, to highlight the features of your tour, specially adapted for both adults and children.

For younger audiences, we write commentaries that can be used for class tours and extracurricular activities.

casque d’écoute

We create a sound design that is specially adapted to the theme of your tour

A wide choice of music

We work closely with the best-known music publishers in the business.

This means we can choose from thousands of pieces of music allowing us to compose a unique soundtrack for each of our customers.

Made to measure audio-staged commentaries

Music that is adapted to the theme of the commentaries, and also sound effects to highlight the action.

Thousands of wonderfully imaginative ideas...

Hear some extracts from our latest productions to get an idea of what we can offer.



A finely crafted audio soundtrack



Native language translators and voice-over artists

We work with genuine native language translators and voice over actors, who often work with us to be sure of getting the right translation and the best interpretation


Because each language has specific cultural features, we work with translators who translate into their mother tongue and who have spent many years in the country where the commentaries are broadcast, or who lived there previously.

Actors / voice-over artists

Whatever the language, the actors we work with come from the entertainment industry: theatre, radio, television and cinema…

They know how to interpret the staged scenarios we give them to act.

Our foreign actors know how to adapt the translations taking into account linguistic subtleties

Some of our French actors are well-known as the French voices of famous American actors.



Optimal listening comfort

Our aim is to give you high definition sound quality.

Recording / Artistic direction

Before every recording, each actor is given instructions on the delivery and tone of voice so that their acting accurately reflects the writing.

The actor’s delivery brings the commentary alive and makes it pleasant to listen to. 

Montage /Mixing / Mastering

Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Before the montage of the voices and soundtrack, the voice track is thoroughly edited, to eliminate extraneous sounds such as mouth clicks, breathing etc...

We always make sure that the tracks of each language have the same playing time to ensure an homogeneous broadcast. The soundtrack montage is therefore the same for each language version.

Finally, we can deliver the audio track to you in any broadcast format.

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